Permanent Black Gums Treatment

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Dark Gums

Dark GumsHealthy gums are generally an even pink color that is attractive and enhances the natural appearance of teeth. However, some people have black gums. The color is very dark and may even be black, and it can occur even in the absence of any dental diseases. Dr. Farnoosh offers dark gums treatment that can restore the natural beauty of your gums for a more attractive smile overall.

Black gums can be caused by genetic factors and are more common in certain ethnic groups. However, lifestyle habits and other factors may also contribute to gum discolorations. Some types of dental restorations can discolor gums, and medications may even have a staining effect. Smoking is also a risk factor for patients with black gums. Our dark gums treatment can address the appearance of dark gums and give you the smile of your dreams.

Our dark gums treatment can be used to treat small dark spots or streaks, or it can be used to remove discolorations from all your gum tissue. Dr. Farnoosh the pioneer in this field will begin by evaluating your smile. This is to ensure that you are a candidate for the procedure and that you have no untreated dental diseases. Patients with lichen planus, gum disease or oral cancer may not be candidates for this treatment. The discolored or dark gums whether local or generalized and regardless of how dark they are, can be treated & eliminated by a procedure like a mild dermabrasion developed & published by Dr. Farnoosh the pioneer  in this field.

The entire procedure can be completed in just 45 minutes, and we are committed to your comfort throughout the process.

Once your gum lightening treatment has been completed, we will give you aftercare instructions that can ensure your gum health. Our special treatment offers permanent results. The dark color will not come back to your gums. Some patients may benefit from a gum makeover that uses additional treatments along with the dark gums treatment. Contact our office today to find out more or to schedule your consultation.

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