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Gum Bleaching Before and After

Gum Bleaching Before and AfterA beautiful smile requires the right balance of teeth and gums, but when gums are dark or discolored, they can distract from the overall appearance of a smile. You may be more likely to have discolored gums if you have a genetic link to the southern parts of Africa or the Middle East, if you smoke, if you have metal restorations or if you use certain medications, but they can occur in anyone. Gum bleaching before and after pictures offer a peek at the type of results patients may be able to expect.

Dr. Farnoosh has created a special gum bleaching technique that is displayed through our gum bleaching before and after pictures. This technique has resulted in Dr. Farnoosh becoming a leader in the specialized field of gum lightening, and his work has been published in the “International Journal of Periodontics”.

You may be a candidate for gum bleaching if you have unusual, spotty or dark gum pigmentation. Your gums should be healthy and free of disease, and you should already have good oral hygiene. Patients who have active gum disease or other problems will need to talk to Dr. Farnoosh about available treatment options before undergoing any cosmetic procedures.

Once your treatment plan has been designed, the procedure can begin. The bleaching process takes just about an hour and offers dramatic results. The procedure is simple: Similar to dermabrasion process. Results are permanent, and patients can enjoy their new smile as soon as they leave the dental chair.

Most patients can enjoy complete removal of any spots or discolorations, as patients can see through the gum bleaching before and after pictures. Most patients have little or no major discomfort after the gum bleaching procedure.

Contact our office today to see more gum bleaching before and after pictures or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Farnoosh.

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